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Best Razor 2018 !!! Gillette Heated Razor Creates a Luxurious Shaving Experience

The Heated Razor is available in limited quantities from Indiegogo. The cost is at least $109, which includes a Heated Razor handle, two razor  cartridges and a charging station. The price rises to $149 depending on the speed of sell out and accessories chosen.

Shaving your face isn't necessarily the most comfortable experience as many male consumers can attest, so the Gilette Labs Heated Razor has been developed by the brand offshoot to offer enhanced levels of comfort like never before.


The razor works by heating up and creating the experience of a hot towel being used on your face as you shave to sooth your skin and prepare it as you go. This helps to open the pores and make the shaving process far more comfortable and less irritating for those who are looking to enhance their daily grooming experience for the better.

 The Gillette Labs Heated Razor is available from the offshoot through Indiegogo to help the brand improve and fine-tune the product before a potential market launch. 

By: Michael Hemsworth- Sep 20, 2018

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