What's The Difference Between Anti-Perspirant And Deodorant? NSFW – SGT SHARP

What's The Difference Between Anti-Perspirant And Deodorant? [NSFW]

WTF EPISODE: Difference Between Anti-Perspirant And Deodorant?

By Baxter of California

Finally uncover the answer to your burning question, "What is the difference between anti-perspirant and deodorant?" Here to answer your grooming questions, this video series by Baxter of California tackles the hard questions.

You’ve heard the terms anti-perspirant and deodorant, so what is the difference? Baxter is here to drop some grooming knowledge. Anti-perspirants are designed to reduce the production of perspiration. Conversely, deodorants are made to allow the body to sweat naturally while targeting odor and masking smell with fragrance. Oh and by the way, GQ Awarded Baxter Deodorant 2015 Best Deodorant. Our clean citrus, herbal musk-scented deodorant is a clear solid gel that won’t stain or discolor clothes. So sweat away with confidence that doesn’t stink thanks to Baxter deodorant.


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